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On Monday, September 6th 1982, Zaine held his first art exhibition at the Ebury Gallery in London. The theme for the exhibition surrounded the “Figures” LP album, which was released a week later. Zaine presented 50 pictures in charcoal, pencil and oils, which he described as ‘visions’ of his music. Some of the pictures are statements of the songs titles, the majority however are fragments of lines from the compositions.

All proceeds from the sale of the pictures were donated by Zaine to “The Nordorff - Robbins Music Therapy” charity.

Zaine at the Ebury Gallery with a piece called “Every Step We Take”.

Another artist, Mark Wardel also provided a further 5 pictures of his own for the exhibition. The 5 pieces were his own interpretations of songs from the album .

Mark designed some of the artwork for Zaine's releases including "Swing"

As well as being attended by art critics, the exhibition was also attended by several of Zaine’s contempories in the music business.

Zaine with Steve Strange (Visage)

Zaine with Mick Karn (Japan) and Orly

(Mick Karn sadly passed away after after losing his battle with Cancer in January 2011)

Zaine with Mary Hopkin, (at the time Mary was married to Tony Visconti who produced the “Ashes and Diamonds” LP)

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