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Helden (which is German for Heroes) consisted of Warren Cann (Ultravox) on drums, percussion and vocals, and Hans Zimmer on keyboards and synthesizers, plus numerous supporting musicians: Zaine Griff (Zaine Provides the majority of the vocals), Linda Jardim, Hugo Verker, Ronny (click HERE for more information on Ronny), Eddie Maelov (of Eddie & Sunshine), Brian Gulland, Brian Robertson and Graham Preskett.

Photo - Brian Aris

Holding On / Once Upon A Time In The...
ZiCa Records Cat# ZICA01

Holding On [Extended Version] / Once Upon A Time In The... / 2529 [Planetraium Version]
ZiCa Records Cat# 12ZICA01


In The City Cat# ITC1


[Recorded Autumn 1983]


This album has unfortunately never been released due to the right label deal never presenting itself. Warren described it as "basically a concept album, almost a love story between spies". Everybody who heard it loved it, but a concept album featuring a mix of vocal and instrumental tracks could not easily be pidgeonholed by the sales led labels. Zaine provides most of the vocals on the vocal tracks. Helden with Zaine sounds very much like the "Figures" album, which is hardly surprising considering that both Warren Cann and Hans Zimmer appear on that album. Spies consists of 13 tracks in total. Lets hope that all those currently working to to ensure this project finally sees the light of day are shortly successful.

Cerise Reed and Rob Harris from the Ultravox "Extreme Voice" web site have been working tirelessly to remaster the recordings and look to get these recordings officially released.

The image below shows a bootleg of the album which occasionally turns up on eBay.

Track List:-
Once Upon A Time In The .......
The Ball
Young & Scientific
My Killing Hand
Pyramids Of The Reich
Holding On

Moonlight In Vermont
On The Borderline
Movies For Eva

As I have already said, Robin Harris and Cerise Reed from the Official Ultravox website 'Extreme Voice' have been working tirelessly to try and get 'Spies' released. Two excellent articles providing further information about Helden can be downloaded free of charge from 'Extreme Voice' by following the link below:

EV19 - Page 16 - Page 35. 19 page interview with Hans Zimmer and Warren Cann about the 'Spies' project and how it came about.

EV20 - Page 8 - Page 11. 4 page article describing by Rob and Cerises efforts to get the old tapes remastered.

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