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Human Instinct

Whilst in New Zealand, and still in his teens, Zaine joined Human Instinct. At the time zaine joined the band, Human Instinct were starting the second phase of their career. Already an established band who had released 3 LPs Zaine played bass and wrote several songs with the band on three further LPs, Snatmin Cuthin, The Hustler and Pegleg. Pegleg was recorded but never released as planned. However it was finally released in 2001. Human Instinct have a significant cult following and their albums are considered so influential original copies sell for hundereds of pounds. In recent years Maurice Geer has reformed the band and released new material.

The Discography below only covers Human Instinct releases during Zaines time with the band.

Gypsy Lady / The Hustler
Zodiac Records Z-1390

Released 1972

If can anyone has a copy of this 7" and can help with a scan, please get in touch.

Not Actual Artwork

The Hustler
Zodiac Records ZLP 1051

Released 1974

Available from iTunes in most countries

Pegleg (The Lost Tapes)
Rajon Music Group RJCD004

Recorded in 1975 but not released until 2002

The Zodiac Years 1972 - 1975

Little Wing Records LW4014/15

Released 1990

Double Vinyl Album collecting together 'Snatmin Cuthin?' and 'The Hustler'

The Zodiac Years 1972 - 1975

Zodiac ZCD4013

Released 2010

3CD Box Set collecting together 'Snatmin Cuthin?', 'The Hustler' and 'Pegleg (The Lost Tapes)

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