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February 2014

21st February 2014 - 'Immersed'

As some of you may be aware the origins of this site date back to December 1999 when I decided to set up the original ' Fahrenheit 451' website dedicated to Zaine. As a fan since the early eighties when I bought the 'Figvres' LP purely because of the involvement of Warren Cann, I have tried to develop this site with the help of Harry Van Heerden and many of Zaines fans, to cover Zaines Career through all its phases.

Zaine now has his own official website at www.zainegriff.com, as well as the Official Zaine Griff Facebook Page run by my good friend Harry, keeping you guys up to date with the latest news and Zaines new output. Zaine has graciously thanked me for this site and collecting all his past activites together. It is therefore a great priviledge to be able to exclusively report that Zaine will soon be releasing a new CD of remastered demos from 1979 - 1981.

As early as August last year Zine told me of a a CD he was planning with a working title of 'Les Infant Innocence' containing 11 tracks gathered from reel to reel demo tapes and was working at Stebbing Studios in Auckland on the remastering of these tapes. Now 6 months later Zaine has given me an update.

The CD, now with a final title of 'Immersed' will be released on 15th May via long time distributor Amplfier. A further track has been added to the original 11 mentioned and a further 2 tracks will be announced later. The tracks listing is as follows:

Flowers < Original Recording>
83 rd and 4th < Original Recording>
Molly Molly
The Kids
This Day And Age
Dont Sleep In The Subway.
In The Dark
The Vanishing Men < Original Recording>
Back To The Heart
Horizontal Hold
White Lies

+ 2 Bonus Tracks Yet to Announced

The list of those invloved in the recordings contains names that many of you will be familiar with including contributions from:

Warren Cann, Clive Edwards, Chris Slade, Manfred Mann, Chris Thompson, Stevie Lange,
Steve Bolton, Matt Irving, Andy Clark, Laurie Latham, Members of the London Philharmonic Orchestra, Reflex Band, Alan Coates, David Flett, Robert Norman, Adrian Shepard, David Wells, Simon Darlow and Hans Zimmer.

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