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As well as working with Zaine on Helden's "Spies" and singing a duet with Zaine on Yukihiro Takahashi's "What, Me Worry!", called "This Strange Obsession", this sultry French chanteuses also released 3 singles in her own right.

If anyone has any more information regarding Ronny I'd love to hear from you.

Solo Singles

If You Want Me To Stay / Instrumental
Cat # Polydor POSP 247

If You Want Me To Stay [Dance Mix] / Instrumental
Cat # Polydor POSPX 247

Released April 1981

Compare Me With The Rest [Part 1] / Compare Me With The Rest [Part 2]
Cat # Polydor POSP 289

Compare Me With The Rest [Part 1] / Compare Me With The Rest [Part 2]
Cat # Polydor POSPX 289

Released September 1981

To Have And Have Not / Blue Cabaret
Cat # Polydor POSP 392

To Have And Have Not [Full Length Version] / Blue Cabaret / If You Want Me To Stay [Full Length Version]
Cat # Polydor POSPX 392

Released March 1982

Ronny performing Blue Cabaret at the London Domonion in 1982

The following articles refer to Ronny's live appearance at The Old Vic and a duet she is rumoured to have recorded with Visage frontman Steve Strange.

The Old Vic, London - Saturday 3rd April 1982

"Ronny, the French girl singer with a penchant for dressing in menswear, headlines her first London concert this Saturday - at the celebrated Old Vic Theatre in Waterloo Road. And for the first time, she'll be performing with backing musicians, as opposed to prerecorded tapes - she's lined up former Buggles keyboards man Hans Zimmer and Ultravox drummer Warren Cann. There will also be a magician and a theatre group in attendance, and the aim is "to conjure up the atmosphere of Berlin or Paris in the Thirties".

"In addition to her own set, Ronny will be performing with a "surprise" guest artist, with whom - so we're told - she's recently been recording. To our knowledge, the only artist who qualified is Steve Strange - they recently recorded a duet of "Lady Is A Tramp", which is due out shortly. Meanwhile, Ronny's new single "To Have And Have Not" has just been released by Polydor."

Zaine himself joined Ronny on stage to play bass and provide backing vocals for one song. Ronny recorded two of Zaine's songs, "It's A Sin" and "The Darker Side Of Me", although it appears that neither has ever been released.

"That's Why The Lady Is A Tramp" - Steve Strange & Ronny

This collaboration between Ronny and Steve Strange seems to be confirmed in the following article, which refers to various projects undertaken by Pete Townshend in 1982.

"Townshend says he survived his two-year binge with some help from his family and friends, and that he has now started a new life. The Who may not be a major part of it: the group will probably continue to record, but Townshend will increasingly occupy himself with outside' projects (such as "Ball and Chain," the track he worked on for Elton John's new Jump Up' album,and the duet version of 'That's Why the Lady Is a Tramp" he recently produced for New Romantic avatar Steve Strange and a frog-voiced French female singer named Ronny."

The 'Visage Club Set' Newsletter # 5 (1982) reproduced on the 'NewWaveComplex' website, said that Polydor would be releasing this track as a single but it appears it was never released. I have never seen even a demo copy of this single, or spoken to anyone who has, and it's existance even in demo form seems debatabe. A Visage "Rarities" CD was planned for release in 2000 / early 2001 release which was to include material recorded with Pete Townshend (The Who), however despite being given a catalogue number the release never materialised.

In his own autobiography 'Blitzed', Steve Strange mentions the following:

"Around this time, I did some recording at the Towlouse Studios with Pete Townshend and an androgynous woman in a trouser suit called Ronny. She recorded her own single ´If You Want Me To Stay´ and then we did a cover version together of ´The Lady Is A Tramp´, I thought she was great, but a lot of people thought she was just a copy of Grace Jones. I think maybe she had a bit too much attitude. She was very Parisian, very stuck up, but actually a very nice person. In the video, I wore a specially made corset and dress by Anthony Price and a white wig from Savile Row. Because Ronny looked like a man, I had to play the part of the woman. In the end, the project was shelved, but I´ not sure if working with Pete was such a good idea. He had a heroin problem and if I´m completly honest I suppose I started dabbling in heroin more regularly around then."

Ronny / Boyarde

Ronny went on to record with Boyarde. I know very little about this project, and would love to hear from anyone who has some more information. I am aware of 4 tracks recorded with Boyarde, but not sure if these ever got beyond the demo stage.

Wild Is The Night
The Space Between Us

The Video opposite is a series of great 80's images taken at a nightclub in Kensington called "This Ain't No Disco", run by Stephen Noel Butler and Pip Finbar Hughes. The music is 'Wild Is The Night' by Ronny/Boyarde.

'This Ain't No Disco' photos, music by Ronny/Boyarde

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